about the film


GIVE CHASE is an action short film about a bike messenger, Jake, out on a simple delivery through industrial Brooklyn. But the delivery turns deadly when a corporate hit man, called 'The Bull,' tries to intercept the package by any means necessary.  With only his wits, his bike, and a lucky break, Jake suddenly finds himself in a bike race for his life.



When Jake gets the call to make a simple delivery for a client, something nags at him saying, "maybe not today."  But he says yes anyway.

Biking across the Manhattan Bridge, Jake arrives at the pick-up location only to encounter a corporate cleaner known as ‘The Bull,’ who is hell-bent on intercepting the package by any means necessary. After a brief but brutal fight that Jake only manages to escape because of a stranger's intervention, Jake finds himself in a bike race for his life through industrial Brooklyn.

The chase twists and turns through the warehouse district, with The Bull now hunting him on a stolen bike. He seems so close that Jake can feel The Bull's fiery breath on his neck. With another lucky turn, Jake manages to buy a few precious minutes when he narrowly escapes an oncoming car that blocks The Bull.

Knowing he can't outrun The Bull, Jake tries to hide in a cement factory. He stashes his bike under a truck and hides like a mouse between the cracks. Will Jake's luck continue to last? This isn't what he signed up for, but now Jake is in far too deep. Seeing if the coast is clear, Jake scurries out of his hideout only to find himself cornered by The Bull. And this time there is no place to run. 


The Inspiration

(From our original Kickstarter Page, more details here.)

The trouble started when my editor and I re-watched The French Connection.  Since we are both avid bikers, we started wondering about that famous chase scene in the film and how they filmed that scene in New York and how awesome it would be try something like that with bikes around the fringes of Brooklyn. 

Around the same time, I was growing into a personal realization about how I fit into the entertainment industry.  I love films.  As an actor and a writer I've had the good fortune to work on enough film projects to fall in love with the medium.  But as I started to look deeper into how I fit in this career path, I started to find myself becoming marginalized.  At least the people who looked like me in films--or really any ethnicity other than white--were either the exotic or the fringe or the expendable.  And of all the visual mediums, I found film to be particularly lacking in diversity.

When I watched The Fast and The Furious 5 last year, a strange realization dawned on me.  There was more casting diversity in Fast 5 than in all ten of the 2011 Academy Best Picture nominees.  In an instant, the issue crystallized for me.

We all have to be the change we want to see in this world.  Ideas start from small seeds and we have to nurture the change. 



Adam Laupus is an actor, writer and producer working in New York for the last decade. GIVE CHASE marks his debut as a film producer. He also produced a feature film in 2012, GASP, currently in post-production. As an actor, Adam was the lead role in the feature film, A DECENT ARRANGEMENT, which screened in film festivals in New York, Montreal and Mumbai. He has a B.F.A. from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts and is a proud graduate of Playwrights Horizons Theatre School. Additional acting credits include, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Kings, and As The World Turns.

Russell Cramer is a director and cinematographer based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. He studied film at Brooklyn College. His work has played at the Coney Island Film Festival, Melbourne Queer Film Festival, Seattle Queer Film Festival, Williamsburg Film Festival, Moondance Film Festival, and Strasbourg International Film Festival.  He has also directed music videos for Midnight Masses, Emergency Tiara, Mon Khmer, Rubblebucket, and Tropic of Pisces.