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This film would not be possible without the help of all our cast, crew and our backers on Kickstarter.  Check out our original Kickstarter page here.

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Special thanks to Tim Hall at Crooked Cat Pictures for the graphic art design and Kyle Walters for website design.

Kickstarter Backers


 Executive Producer Mark Opler 
 Contributing Producers Ayse Derman
  Trish O'Connell 
  Kim & Billy Warner
 BMX Bombers Bes Baldwin 
  Tommy Woon 
 Racing Roadsters Tamara Bruno 
  Candice Guillaudeu 
  Norman Carmichael 
  Tim Hall
  Sean Fryou 
  Hisham Abdul Rahim 
  Cara Gouldey 
  Emily Loeb 
  Jai Sikes 
  Daniel Katz 
  Marc Basch 
  Katie O'Connell 
 City Fixies Sean Harrigan 
  Amy Koch 
  Carly Bodnar 
  Antoinette Moore 
  Annie Nord 
  eric roy 
  Shane Tilston 
  Jeanette Barzelay 
  Emily Schroeder 
  Clare Laupus 
 Mountain Riders Julie Herbst-Dettmer 
  Cheri Paige Fogleman 
  Jennifer McGrath 
  Shawn Shafner 
  Garrett Schaper 
  Joshua Kaufman 
  Sheridan Kelley Adams 
  Kent Meister
  Brian Faas 
  DT Sheridan 
  Aaron Brownlee 
  Greg Payton 
  Amber Chisholm 
  Trevor Peterson 
  Richard Lovejoy 
  Maria Barva 
  Scott, Joye, Ellie & Gabe Levy 
  Julie Katz 
  Jon Lam 
  Alice Chu 
  Lars Casteen 
  Krista L. Jankowski 
  Elisabeth Ness 
  Briana Mowrey 
  Roger Friedli 
  Jay Briggs 
  Ken Urbina 
  Justin Brooks 
Beach Cruisers Kyle Walters   
  Paul Knox
  Jeanette Bonner
  Jared M. Silver
  Annie Bosworth Foley 
  Sandra Clark Jergensen
  James Clark
  Beth Kirkpatrick
  John Bottomley
  Anthony Nelson
  Raymond Chu
  Max Tubman